Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hello everybody this is Francisco reporting in! This week was quite the busy for me, I have been trying to wrap up everything with this semester and get ready for asu but it seems like everything decoded to pile on this week. For starters I had to finish two applications for Ptk scholarships and trying to find out a internship fpr next semester with the asu biomedical engineering department. Hopefully I will have better news to report tomorrow until next time

Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy Late Turkey Day

Hi everybody Francisco reporting in! Wishing everybody a very happy thanksgiving! This week was really productive for the mini bot project, Josh and Lucas gave me a few pointers in the right direction of where should I put the motors and further apart should they be. Hopefully I will be able to test how well it works after the break. Speaking of which this week we also had an amazing potluck in honor of thanksgiving, but not many people were able to participate due to time constraints. Still Courtney made an awesome lasagna that saved me from buying something at the cafeteria. There was a ketchup, sausage, pineapple broth that was amazing too but I don’t remember who brought it...

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mr. Roboto

Hi everybody Francisco, reporting in this week. So with my project done as for last week I have been spending some time writing my research paper. So far I have been doing good my paper is 45% done so I must say that although I’m happy with progress I was expecting to have been as of today, but life happens and I haven’t given myself enough time to actually sit down and write it. Although I’m done with my project that doesn’t mean I stopped working with the guys of STEM, I helped Zee make some agar plates and I have been helping Josh with the robotics club. Also we went to a Robot competition on Saturday at Prescott, this was a really nice experience and it was really fun to see all the designs the different teams had come up with.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I don't care what is its name I'm calling it Eugenio Alonso Ramirez Esteban

Hi everybody Francisco reporting in, so this was a nice week for my project cause I got it done at the start of it. Last week I after I left my bacteria growth on the 3dquadrant plate, then I used the resulting colonies to do some testing on it. The Gram test results where positive, using this information it was possible to identify the types of tests that would be needed to further identify the bacteria. This week I tested for mannitol fermentation, endospore formation, set a culture in fermentation broth, urea and finally a citrate testing. Usually one would do each test individually and wait for the results, but due to time constraints it was easy for me to just them all at once. Then I tests developed during the weekend at a 37oC. The results were as follow • Mannitol: - • Endospore:= • Fermentation o Acid+ o Gas- • Citrate:+ The bacteria is bacillus subtilis.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hello everybody this is Francisco reporting in. I'm so excited to be part of the s-stem program. During this week I was assigned to identify the bacteria culture of the sample sb132. To identify this little guy I was asked to follow the Gram staining method, for this first I needed to make a 3quadrantstreak plate. This method is used to isolate the single colonies that might be present in the mixture so it will be easier to identify them. Gram staining differentiates bacteria by the chemical and physical properties of their cell walls by detecting peptidoglycan, which is present in a thick layer in Gram-positive bacteria. So that's all for now, hopefully I will have more news about the bacteria next week.